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Tuesday to Sunday

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, ​Sunday 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Friday and Saturday 7pm - 11:30pm


Low cost California style burgers without compromise. Locally sourced ingredients with everything prepared from scratch. 100% Beef Chuck or Vegan Patty.

About Big ​Johnsons

Focused on perfecting simplicity for the true burger purist we offer a succinct menu providing low cost fast food without compromise.

Locally sourced ingredients with everything prepared from scratch, including our pickles!

We use 100% beef chuck in our meat burgers or 100% vegan patty.

Big Johnson

Cheese Burger

100% Beef Chuck o​r Vegan Patty

Homemade Pickl​es and​ Spread Salsa

Locally source​d Lettuce​ and Tomatoes

Caram​elised Onions

Sliced Cheese

Fresca French


Locallly sourced potatoes

Cut onsite and fried the same day

Never from Frozen



Choose from a curated selection ​of the best craft drinks in Valencia ​including speciality milkshake, craf​t sodas and kombucha using only ​natural occurring ingredients a​nd zero add​itives.

Our Community

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We’ve been waiting a ​while to try these Burgers ​and the vegan ones did ​not disappoint! If you’ve ​seen the HIMYM episode ​where they’re searching ​for THE ONE most ​delicious burger, then ​you’ll understand why my ​husband’s comment was, ​“This is it!”

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The closest to In-N-Out ​Burger in Valencia! Super ​tasty, great sauce and ​pickles!


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Amazing burgers! So ​delicious, I ordered a ​second one.


Hasta Pronto

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Bi​g Johnson's Burger Joint

Calle Doctor Manuel Candela 73 46021 Valencia

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